General Questions

If you are sports trading with a bankroll/portfolio of 10k or more, simply subscribe and create your login info, to access daily trades. If you do not have a trading bankroll/portfolio of 10k or more, simply e-mail us at: and include the following information (Name, e-mail address, bankroll/trading portfolio, as well as your promotional code (if you don't have a promotional code, use RRV32118626), and we will contact you via e-mail to help set up a sports trading plan customized to your needs. Don't forget to read the: "HOW TO CALCULATE TRADES" page/area to clearly understand the trade amounts and how they calculate/transition the individual percentages traded for each trade into your trading bankroll/portfolio.
If you received a promotional/marketing product from a salesperson or affiliate website, or any other advertisement, there should be a promotional code within that marketing material. If not, please use the Promotional Code "RRV32118626" . This promotional code has various discounted rates and BOGO specials at various times as well as special promotions throughout the year.
Our sports trades and the percentages posted work best for those who are trading a $10,000.00 trading portfolio or more! However, we can design a custom trading platform for any level of sports trader from as little $500.00 to as much as $1,000,000.00. If you are trading with less than a $10,000.00 trading portfolio, please e-mail us at "", give us your e-mail address, contact info, and trading portfolio amount/bankroll, and a representative will contact you to discuss designing a custom trading platform for your specific needs...
For those paid subscribers, the plays will be posted and viewable in the calendar section for the current day. However, anyone can view the Historical Trades, we gave our clients, and our personal trading tickets from a Las Vegas Sports Book showing 100% transparency. To subscribe, go to our "Membership" page, pick the subscription package you want to purchase, and the site will walk you through creating your login and password so you can access the daily sports trades in our calendar section. (Trades usually post within 1 hour of the 1st daily trade)
The number of daily trades depends on the time of year, and how many sports are being played during that time of year. Generally, you can expect anywhere from 10 trades to 20 trades daily. These trades are determined by information provided by our proprietary sports trading software. We then run a set of checks and balances before posting our daily information for our paid subscribers in the calendar section for that days sports trades.
We offer 100% transparency... Not only do we post every single trade every day, but we actually put our money where our mouth is, by trading every single trade we give our clients every single day at a Vegas Sportsbook. We even post the results along with the given trades showing every single cash paid for ticket win/lose or push... No other service in the industry offers total transparency like Our historical trades are FREE for everyone to see with posted results for you to follow our progress and see the results for yourself.
This is not a "Get Rich Quick Scheme", and we DO NOT profess nor do we win 80% of our trades.. That is unrealistic... It is not about Winning Percentages, it's about Making our Clients money, and doing so while minimizing risk and getting ourselves and our clients on "House Money/Profits" as quickly as possible. Our historical annual rate of returns have ranged from 25% to 50% and done so with win rates from 49% to 55% historically. Our Sports Trading platform is for those who take Sports Trading seriously, who recognize winning strategies within long term trading, which produce winning results year after year... Anything else, is simply selling "Air"...
NO, NO, NO!!!!! There are no such things as Locks, or Inside Information... Furthermore, there are no Sports Information Services winning at ridiculous high rates.... It simply is not true!!!
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Membership Packages

  • All sports inclusive of all trades given for all sports for that specific period from date of purchase.
  • Daily membership is $9.95.
  • 3 Day membership is $24.95.
  • 7 Day membership is $49.95.
  • Monthly membership is $149.95.
  • 3 month membership is $249.95
  • 6 month membership is $599.95
  • Full year membership is $999.95