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Although Our Sports Trading Platform works with any bankroll, it is ultimately designed to work with a minimum trading portfolio of $10,000.00, and designed for long term trading for optimum results.  The daily trades you see posted are posted with recommended percentages of risk (-) and reward (+).  Our trading platform is very conservative, so betting our trades each day, you may only need a small portion of your portfolio, and may be on "house money/profits" quickly.  If you are trading with less than a 10k bankroll/portfolio, we suggest you use our 1, 3, or 7 day subscriptions, making only the daily trades that are in "green" each day in our trading information visible to our subscribers...

The plays will be sport specific as listed daily in our calendar section and accessible to subscribers within their paid subscription time frame.  The following is an example of a play as it would be posted:


Orlando -3    

(Risking .28% to make .25%)     /     which on a 10k account would be (Risking $28 to make $25)    

This trade would be a TRADE RISKING .28%  of a your trading portfolio (On a $20k Trading Portfolio, you would be risking $56).  So you would lose -.28% if the trade lost, and profit +.25% ($50) if the trade won.   Our original trade information will be posted using lines from Scoresandodds.com at the time we post our trades.  These lines will vary throughout the day by the time and venue that you make your personal trades, but should even out while you get worse/better odds in time.  We then adjust the numbers to match the actual profit/loss of our actual trading tickets that we personally made in Las Vegas...  These revised numbers will be shown on the daily calendar and adjusted accordingly each and every day and carry on through the year at the bottom of every day's subscription trade information sheet.  Our trades are made "live and in cash" from an actual sportsbook in Las Vegas and we will gladly show you copies of our actual tickets upon request.  

We recommend trading a 10k account but you can trade any amount you feel comfortable with... Make the trades for percentages based on that same bankroll/portfolio in 90 days increments... After 90 days, take 50% of the net profits and put that money into your pocket, while taking the additional 50% and adding it to the original trading portfolio to increase the next 90 day bankroll/portfolio...  This will minimize your risk, put money in your pocket, while continually adding to and growing your bankroll/portfolio.  This creates an opportunity to make exponential returns long term.

 Our MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE is $149.95 for any calendar month  or (30 days) and includes all trades for all sports.  Longer subscriptions with savings are also available on our "Membership" page.   If we do not make a profit for any paid subscription (1 month or longer), we will renew your  subscription until you reach a net profit as calculated in our calendar section at no additional subscription cost…

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:   Our trading platform is for informational purposes only… It is Each and Every Trader's responsibility to check the legality in his/her state or municipality for the legality of sports trading respectively.  MCMSportsPicks.com, its members, or its affiliates shall not be held liable for trading losses or for any issues regarding legality of trading by its members or the use of the information provided.

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Membership Packages

  • All sports inclusive of all trades given for all sports for that specific period from date of purchase.
  • Daily membership is $9.95.
  • 3 Day membership is $24.95.
  • 7 Day membership is $49.95.
  • Monthly membership is $149.95.
  • 3 month membership is $249.95
  • 6 month membership is $599.95
  • Full year membership is $999.95