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An industry leader in providing Sports Trading Information, we are poised to change the landscape, setting new standards, while outing all the scammers in the industry once and for all… Once you see how honest we are, how transparent we are, and most importantly, how profitable we are with our sports information service and trading platform, you will never use another service again…

We trade the exact information we give our clients, every single day, and we prove it with 100% complete transparency, giving you access to our “Real, Live” sports tickets from Las Vegas sports books of OUR ACTUAL PERSONAL DAILY TRADES… These are the exact trades we give our clients every single day as well...  No bragging about fake screenshots on “practice/dummy accounts” or claiming to win bogus amounts the day after… We share the tickets we trade every single day in our Calendar!! No other service comes close to our transparency or our success...

We are the first 100% transparent Sports Information Company to create, share, and personally use our one-of-a-kind sports trading software created using algorithms, analytics, statistical equations, Vegas line setting consistency, hot streak probabilities, weighted moving averages, and polynomial equations… We then matched it with our proprietary sports trading money management software modeled from the best Stock and Forex software trading programs and investment equations used in trading firms the world over… We simply treat this like any other Day Trading vehicle like your usual Hedge Fund or Day Trading account.  Why, because to be successful in Sports Trading, you have to... It's that simple!!!

We are an informative source providing Sports Trading Information with a competitive edge. We trade Football (NFL and NCAAF), Hockey (NHL), Basketball (NBA, NCAAB, and WNBA), Baseball (MLB), and Soccer. Our knowledge knows no boundaries so you can consider us part of your team, an extra player on the field/court… We have the best sports trades, values, and trading platform in the industry, and that’s why WE PERSONALLY TRADE EVERY SINGLE TRADE WE GIVE OUR CLIENTS EVERY SINGLE DAY WITH 100% TRANSPARENCY!!!

So, how do we fit into your equation to win? Here’s the play-by-play. You want to start making money trading with sports, but you realize that in order to make a profit, you need reliable trading information, and an actual trading platform that works. You need the most profitable algorithm based sports trading software that uses analytical and statistical weighted information in your corner!!! This is where we come in. We’ve created a mathematically based sports trading platform in which everyone can participate and make money!!  The fact is, our innovative and proprietary sports trading system can accommodate even the greenest members of the sports betting community, and turn them into a successful sports trader...  Stop Betting, Start Trading...

We realize that people have lives outside of Sports and Trading. They have jobs, families, and they have other hobbies as well. With that in mind, we combined our passion for sports and conventional day trading into a user friendly trading platform that is easy to understand, and even easier to follow… We spent years studying, creating, writing, back testing, and live trading a sports trading software platform that does virtually all the heavy lifting for you...

Our sports trading platform has been back-tested for over 20 years using real-time results, and one that we personally put our money where our mouth is, by trading the very same trades we give our clients in Vegas every single day with great success... All you need to do is sit back, follow along, and let us guide you through your efforts by helping you tilt the scales of probability and statistics to help you make money trading sports… 

I’m sure we piqued your interest, and I’m sure your asking why we offer the information… Quite frankly, we experienced using the call centers out there, the Sports Information Sites, the Scam-di-cappers, and not only do they not work on a long term basis, we were appalled at the business models being used and the lack of integrity and ethics in the industry. That being said, we set out to create a Sports Trading Platform that actually works for those serious about making money trading sports… The trades are not “locks”, nor do we win every trade, but we have been highly successful making money trading sports, and we continue that success day in and day out, year after year, and now, you too can gain access to the highly successful sports trading information we personally use and trade with our own money....

Let the other 97% of the public continue to lose money trading sports, and join a winning syndicate with a trading platform that simply works, and works well… A Sports Trading Syndicate that personally plays every trade they send out to their clients… We put our own money where our mouth is!! Join MCMSportsPicks.com, and learn what others already know!! It’s time you get your share of the profits.. Step up to the plate. You’re up

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